Preventative Vascular Care

Putting Patients First

Experience an elevated quality of care with our team of expert physicians, ultrasound technicians, and medical assistants.

Our mission is to offer our patients a higher quality of life, by preventing vascular issues whenever possible and treating existing issues with precision and expertise.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, we can help our patients regain mobility and alleviate their pain. We serve patients in long-term care facilities across the country and in our outpatient facilities along the East coast.

Our Values

A Higher Level Of Clinical Excellence

Quality Care

Across the patient experience, the procedures we perform, and our clinical outcomes, quality is our highest priority. In our view, it’s all connected – better care leads to better outcomes, which lead to better quality of life.

Clear Communication

Medical procedures can be daunting, especially when your health is already in a vulnerable state. That’s why we place such an emphasis on clear, consistent communication with our patients, their physicians, and their families.

Clinical Conservatism

We ensure that we’re only doing procedures that the patient truly needs, with the end goal of improving their quality of life. When considering a procedure, we start with the question “will this give the patient a better outcome?”


Clinical Excellence, Crucial Expertise


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – all too often, a patient presents to the hospital or the office with ulcers, gangrene, osteomyelitis, etc. when all along the way there were opportunities for prevention. Among other factors, it speaks to a lack of access to care, which is what we are trying to remedy at Integra Vascular.”

With over a decade of experience in the field, Dr. Sartawi has served Integra’s clients with an unwavering commitment to quality vascular medicine and compassionate care. He treats patients with excellent bedside manner, and enjoys talking with them and listening to their personal stories. Dr. Sartawi is a member of the Society of Interventional Radiology, Venous Council, and serves on several boards, including the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, in addition to giving presentations and contributing to publications.

Ali Aboufares, MD, FACC, FSCAI

Dr. Aboufares is an interventional cardiologist and vascular specialist. He specializes in diagnosing and treating heart and blood vessel diseases including arteries and veins. Having previously serves as the Associate Director of the Endovascular Section for the Center for Interventional Vascular Therapeutics (CIVT) at Columbia University Medical Center, he currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and remains on faculty at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
He has several specialty and subspecialty board certifications in cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease. In addition to academia and extensive clinical experience, he is an avid researcher with numerous publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and book chapters, a frequent lecturer at various medical conferences, and has appeared on television for medical interviews and commentary.

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